I started a new job in January at McCann Manchester. I’ve been waiting a while for some nice weather so I can take some pictures of my workplace and the past few weeks have been a perfect opportunity. Armed with a camera I patrolled the grounds and although it’s always hard to capture your surroundings in a picture (especially for a novice), you can see how nice a place it is.

The workplace is in Prestbury which is around 20 miles from Manchester. It’s one of the most sought after and expensive to live in Britain outside of London. The building itself is a former county hall which has been converted for office use and it is, quite simply, gorgeous. We’ve got a pool, gym, bistro and surrounded by beautiful gardens.

McCann is one of the biggest marketing companies in the world with over 180 offices in more than 120 countries. It’s a very nice working environment and it’s fantastic to see that McCann Manchester prides themselves on being a great place to work and try to instill happiness and pride into their employees. They have been named as one of Britain’s top employers for consecutive years. I’m really happy and proud to be part of the team.

Take a look at some of the photos below.

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