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I’m half decent at HTML/CSS these days. It’s taken me a year of practice but I’m confident enough with my front-end skills now to focus on something else.

I have recently started a new job at McCann and I’m now employed as Junior developer. At my last job I was just a “front-end dev”, and I rarely touched anything other than HTML/CSS. So in other words I’m moving over to be a “back-end” boy too. I know bits and bobs of JS, PHP, AJAX etc but not enough as I should do.

I’ve started reading (which I would highly recommend) and I’ve learnt some cool stuff already. I find it’s easy to read books but I don’t learn anything until I’ve built/coded something (hence the reason I have too many sites). You get tasks to do in the book but there’s not much point following the tasks as you’re not using much initiative or putting stuff into practice.

So I’ve made a new site. It’s called Function and it’s going to feature a collection of programming projects that will be built by yours truly. I’m starting on JS/jQuery and when I’m decent at that I will be moving onto some other languages.
The initial projects are pretty simple. We have Rock, Paper and Scissors and Lotto, an app which picks random lottery numbers.

All the code will be added to my Githib so that anyone can make use of it. There has also been talk of some “guest” features, where some other devs feature their work on the site. So if anyone’s interested shoot me a mail/tweet/pigeon.

You can view the list site here –