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Today I launched Teamgenerator after a couple of months planning, designing and coding it.

I’ve had the idea in my head for quite a while to replace the laborious and annoying task of picking a football team each week for work’s 5-a-side matches. The only barrier was that I felt like I didn’t know enough back end code to bring it to life. I wrote about that last week.

The site was built using HTML, CSS, JSON, AJAX, JS, JQUERY and PHP. It uses flat files to store the data and is fully responsive for mobile devices. I’m going to write more about the functionality of the app in a future post.

It’s a work in progress and I expect it to contain some bugs. If you find any then please let me know. I’m not planning to continue to work – other than the maintenence – on the app, it’s live and works so my goal has been achieved.  However If the project were to prove popular, or if someone has an excellent suggestion, I might consider enhancing and improving it.

I’ve really enjoyed making Teamgenerator and I hope some people can make use of it! Please give it a share on twitter or Facebook.