I moved jobs a few weeks ago (more on that in another post) and my new development team decided that we needed some developer guidelines to try make the team more efficient.

I started drafting some stuff and the initial ideas came to me very easily. I was able to take note of dozens of things that could be introduced into the guidelines without thinking too hard. Today we had a meeting and I sat with the team and outlined each point and I impressed myself with the points I was making and the ideas that I was generating.

After work I got into my car and just sat for a good ten minutes thinking how far I have come since I left university two years ago. I’ve blogged a few times about the progress I’ve made but today I felt really content and proud of how far I have come, not only as a professional but also as a person, especially with a disability.

I’m not a brilliant developer or the smartest person but I’m so proud that I’ve tried my hardest to be in the position that I’m in now.

I was an absolute lad/idiot of my first 21 years and going to university was definitely the best decision I have ever made in my life.
It’s easy for me to say now, but being brought up in a small seaside town is tough when you’ve not got the opportunities and mindset of similar folk who live in central locations. If someone would have offered me the position I’m in now at 21 I would probably have snapped their hand off – then get sacked.
I’m not sure what has changed in that time and how I’ve managed to turn things around, but on this fine October day I’m immensely proud that I have.

You’re only as good as your boss and team.

I also thought about how indebted I am to some people. Whilst they’re only “doing what they do”, they’ve had a massive influence on my life and career. They think they’re just coming to work and doing their jobs but in reality they were actually shaping my life. I’ve now sworn that I will always make time to share my knowledge with anyone in future, especially those below me. In the hope that I will change their lives in any way I can.

I’m lucky enough to have worked for a global company who have the resources to employ the best and allocate time for training. I often think that I’m only ever going to be as good as my boss and team, and I think that’s 100% correct, especially when starting out. However you’re always going to get the Einstein’s (saying no names) who can be the best without even going to university, but unfortunately I’m not one of those. The vast majority need support and guidance, and I had just that.

Another thing I will say is how difficult it is to balance your personality and professionalism. I will openly admit that I’m as crude as they come by nature and it’s been difficult for me to become more ‘professional’. I’m never going to be the most immaculate professional but I think I’v found a nice balance that enables me to survive – and entertain – the elite.

I can’t be bothered to tag everyone and write names but you know who you are. If you’ve been in a team with me then you have almost certainly had an input on my life, some more than others, and I can’t thank you enough for that! x

Thanks for reading