Please Support - Ride for the child

Fairly deep post for a Tuesday night but I’ve been thinking about it all day and wanted to briefly write about it.

Today at lunch I nipped out to book an appointment and whilst I was waiting for the receptionist to assist me I found myself  discreetly studying her, something I do frequently when I meet people.
My eyes were drawn to her hands which looked almost deformed. Upon closer inspection I could see that they looked different around the edges where large clumps of skin were unnaturally gathered. I only had to look to the sides of the lumps to see the cause of them, she had so many scars on her arms and hands, I could count at least 20 slice marks from each angle. She had sliced herself so much that the skin had healed awkwardly at the sides of the thin – knife slashed – skin.

I instantly felt a huge amount of sorrow for this young lady and began to picture the situations she had found herself in over the years.

I was snapped out of my daydream to the sound of the lady asking me if I could attend an appointment tomorrow, something which was quite remarkable considering it normally takes months. She continued to book me in and also went out of her way to find me the address and postcode of tomorrow’s appointment.

Whilst she was doing that I looked at her smiley face and the way she was professionally going about her job and I suddenly felt a huge amount of pride glowing from her. She had obviously at some point faced, fought and conquered her adversity, managing to find herself in the – seemingly very proud – position she’s in today.

The whole point of this story is that no matter what problems you face in life you can generally always come out on top eventually. I’ve faced some tricky situations throughout my life but I imagine nothing would compare to the misfortune she has experienced. I see/hear/read some negative people and they really do epitomise how people waste, and moan about their lives. They have no idea how good they actually have it.

Of course this post is similar to cliches that I’ve heard many times over the years and there are people like this woman all over the world, some much worse off than others. I knew all this prior to today, but meeting that lovely lady made me think again and I wanted to stick it in my blog so I can read back over the years and never forget how lucky I am compared to some others.

It’s not always the case, but sometimes adversity is there for the taking!