Please Support - Ride for the child

It’s the 1st of November and my moustache website has finally been unleashed to the world. The website should be looking very clean at the moment but I imagine it will become extremely hairy over the next month

Ten fine males have volunteered to display their faces each day throughout November for my Moustache gallery website, and more importantly to raise both money and awareness for cancer.

The rules are simple, each male should be and remain clean shaven throughout the month of November apart from their Moustaches. Any style is permitted, and I have heard the words “handlebar tash” thrown about a few times.

The site features a link to our official Movember page where donations will be gratefully received.

There are a few features scattered about around the website. The Photodiary page shows the latest images that have been submitted and the members page shows each member individually. Be sure to “like” your favorite images by clicking the little “tash” icon on each image. The person who gets the most likes will proudly be displayed as the Moustache Champion 2012.

Each image page also includes a comments form so if you want to tell a person how good (or bad) they are looking then feel free to do so.

So I hope you find the website as fun as I have found planning and making it.  Be sure to check on everyday and have a look at what’s growing! Please spread the word and help us raise some money and awareness for a very worthy cause whilst having some fun and a giggle.


Thanks for reading!