Quit drinking?


The frothy white stuff! We all love it. It is beautiful! I love a tasty pint of fosters, especially the first one, there is no taste quite like it. First pint goes down swiftly and then it's onto the second. What a beautiful texture. Around this time I fancy a fag! Mind you I only smoke with a drink. But bloody hell that fag is nice. Then back to the pint. Third one now!

In no time I'm onto my eighth! I'm a bit pissed but I don't let that stop me! I wake up! I estimate eight hours have passed. I've no idea how I got home or even what time I got in. I feel like a bus has run me down. No make that two buses! How will I survive this dreadful self-inflicted illness? I probably will be fine and I will do it all again in a few days!

Well whats the point of this?

I'm going to quit (for almost year). It's my final university year! I am applying for jobs next June, and then I get to partake in after work drinks every day and get sloshed! In addition I'm poor, I tend to blow mass amounts in the opera house casino whilst listening to bobs (another alcoholic but valued friend) arguing with the dealer, I would be healthier, fitter, be able to actually breathe and have a clear head at all times!


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