Please Support - Ride for the child

As a massive Rugby League fan I was shocked to hear the passing of Danny Jones, a man of my age who died whilst playing for Keighley Cougars. He was subbed off the pitch 4 minutes into the match after feeling unwell and then collapsed on the bench. The emergency services were called and the game stopped whilst Jones was being treated for a suspected cardiac arrest. Jones was pronounced dead at the hospital and leaves behind a wife and 5 month old twins.

You can read more in a news report here.

The Rugby League community came together and a justGiving account was created in order to raise money for his young family. The account has raised over twenty eight thousand pounds in just one day. If you’ve any money to spare to help then you can donate here.

It’s scary to see how life can change drastically in a very short space of time. Life really is precious and should never be taken for granted.

Been thinking of his poor family and friends all day. RIP mate.