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This week I posted my 1500th resource on my inspiration site, Worthy of Note. I launched the site way back in February 2012, whilst I was at university. My browser bookmark list was becoming huge so the thinking behind the site was that it would be a handy place to store all the links that I wanted to refer back to. I didn’t intend to publically share the link initially but I figured it might help boost my social media followers.

For the site to still be up and running three years later and posting ten resources a week is certainly something I didn’t expect. One of the most remarkable things is that I’ve never been short of resources to post. I’ve just looked at my list and there are over 20 websites in the queue. It goes to show how much talent is out there.

Although the site is obviously quite subjective, I really try to mix things up and post anything that I have found Worthy of Note, regardless of how pretty it looks. I’ve had over 200 thousand views on the website since it started, a number that continues to grow each year. Although my tastes have changed somewhat over the past year or so, here are some of my all-time favorite sites.

A special thanks to everyone who has viewed, shared, or said kind words about WON. I feel great giving something back to an industry that has treated me so well.