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I’ve not had too much client work on recently and I was eager to work on a new project. I decided that I was going to offer my services for free on the condition that the project was something I really admire and believe in. I wasn’t bothered about the fact I would be losing time and money because it would be something that appealed to me.

I had done some bits and bobs for Victoria, the owner of BeardRevered and I really admire what she’s doing with the brand. As someone who is generally sporting a beard, the website and its content really interest and appeal to me. I know that Victoria has worked very hard to get the brand to where is is today and she’s receiving tens of thousands of hits per month in addition to her large social media following.

I proposed a collaboration to Victoria which involved working on a brand new website for BeardRevered. The previous site was a WordPress theme, and while I did my best to tidy it up, it was still a bit crap.
Having designed loads of stuff for Victoria in the past I knew exactly the site she envisaged and luckily I hit the nail on the head early in the design stage.

The new website looks fantastic and it’s probably the best client website I’ve made to date. I had to write some funky JS and PHP to make certain aspects of the site work. The off screen navigation was a big decision, and the complete re-work of the admin setup makes things easier. The site is faster, slicker and ultimately much better than it’s predecessors.

So without further ado here’s the brand spanking new BeardRevered website.