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I’ve been working on a side project for a few months and I finally launched it last Sunday afternoon.

My initial plan was have a play with some SVG’s and make a “animated fun website”, I also fancied writing some JS which calculated facts based on a person’s date of birth(DOB). Around two months ago I came up with the idea of merging both ideas into one project. Neither of the ideas were original but I fancied making my own, learning and making yet another side project!


Before I go any further it’s important I mention some names. Montage book was the inspiration behind the CSS animations. You’re getting old was the main inspiration behind the facts. I also used some of Tim Boelaars icons. Everything else was designed and coded by yours truly.


I felt Life in Numbers was the most catchy side project I’ve made, and the first weeks analytics certainly reflected this. Almost 14 thousand people submitted their DOB to life in numbers in the first seven days. I’ve received lots of tweets, emails and general love from people all around the world. I expected it to die out after a few days but it kept working its way around the globe!

This success has really inspired me to make more side projects and show them off to the world. It’s incredibly difficult to think of something that’s unique and appealing to the masses but I’ve a few more ideas in mind.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted, share or just viewed my website. I really appreciate you all.