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Worthy of Note was something that I created whilst I was at university. I’ve had two designs since its launch in February 2012, the second of which stayed in place for over two years. I’ve finally invested some time into giving WON a refresh, it’s not a massive overhaul just some small tweaks to the layout, introducing some new fonts, and attempting to offer a better UX.

Here are some of the things that have been introduced:-

  • Design Refresh, new fonts, new colours for header and footer
  • I’ve reworked the code, neater, cleaner & faster
  • Images are now lazy loaded in, they’ve also been compressed, I’m going to look to implement image compression server side for future posts
  • Pagination now works with keypresses
  • Webknit logo introduced (SVG), it also “winks” on hover
  • Posts that are newer then 2 days are identified with a small tab in the top left corner

The idea of WON was born when my bookmark list was massively overflowing. It was primarily for me to stay up to date with everything web and it’s my go-to place each time I start a new project. Everything is neatly tagged and organised so it’s easy to find the inspiration I’m looking for. I had around 70 thousand page views last year, a figure that continues to increase.

If you’ve any suggestions, find any bugs or just want to chat then I can be found on Twitter @webknit.

Thanks for reading