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On the 11th January I was lucky enough to be featured on with my newly refurbished WebKnit site. The aftermath of this achievement involved visitors, lots of them.


Last year I managed to obtain just over 60k pageviews views on both my blog and my resource website. I was really chuffed with that amount of traffic but one of my initial aims was to gain more traffic this year throughout all my sites.


With the help of The Best Designs I have been able to achieve this goal in spectacular fashion. The end of January is now approaching and I have managed to obtain a whopping 36 thousand page views and 15 thousand visits. In other words I have smashed last years records in the first month of 2013.

I have been featured on several inspiration sites prior to this but I have never seen traffic like this before. Not only the traffic but also my email inbox has also been going crazy with hundred of messages. It’s fairly obvious that global recognition such as this is good news for any business or organisation. I will certainly try my best to get onto the site again with future projects. I would encourage you to do the same too.