Tools of the trade

August 22, 2012

Today I’m writing about the tools which I use on a daily basis in order to make all things web.

Let’s start with the basics.

I work on a MacBook 13inch. Installed on it I have the full Adobe CS5 master suite. I have Coda2 which I use to code. I’ve got Firefox (My favorite), Safari, and Opera browsers. I have XAMPP for working locally. Sequel pro for my SQL. Transmit for my FTP and terminal to speak to my computer. I type on Microsoft word for mac. iPhoto & Preview for my images. Ical to help me remember stuff and Mail as my email client. I talk to people on Skype and msn messenger.

I’ve also got some other cool stuff on my computer which I have to mention:-


  • Caffeine- this prevents the computer from going to sleep.
  • Linotype font explorer- a nice font library which I use to managed my fonts
  • mSecure- holds all my passwords
  • Mac Time machine- backups all my data.

After typing that it’s quite apparent that there is a hell of a lot there. And I couldn’t really do without any of them. They all live in my dock.

Now onto some other stuff I use frequently on the web.


I’m saving the best until last. WordPress. The best thing I have come across on the web to date.

Well there it is. I have probably missed some things and will be kicking myself for forgetting later. Hope you find this post interesting and maybe you found something that could makes things better/easier for you.

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