Four times the size puzzle?
September 11, 2012

A confusing question.


I recently started reading about images for retina display. Basically you have to make the images twice as big and either resize with CSS or use some script to pull in the larger images for the retina displays.

The article I looked at was from zippykid.


Anyway that’s not the question this article is about. The following is.


If I have a 100×100 square and I make it twice the width and twice the height to 200×200. Have I made it twice the size? Or four times the size?


I initially thought it was twice the size but it’s the following diagram that really threw me. It contains four of the initial squares so therefore it must be four times the size. But I have only resized it twice its size. It’s confusing to say the least.


My conclusion is that I have made the square twice as wide and twice as high. That’s it! I don’t want to begin to think about whether I have I have made it four times or two times bigger as it becomes too puzzling.


To really mix things up


“If we added 50px to the height and width of a 100px square making it 150×150 how many times it’s size would it be then?”


The more i think about it the more it confuses me. What’s your take on it?



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