Rob Thompson

September 8, 2012

I’ve decide to conduct a few interviews for my new website and who better to start off that my lifelong friend Rob Thompson. Read along for a humorous insight on my hairy friend. (He altered my questions. We are not gay)


Rob Thompson is a graphic designer and photographer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. He is the graphics manager for and works as a freelance photographer.



“Hello Rob, its great of you to spare some time and have  a chat today. What are you on with at the moment?”


“Hi Shane, i’ve got plenty on at the moment to be getting through! I’m very busy at the moment working on the Its in your jeans web site. It’s season change over so we’ve got loads of new products coming in which all need to be photographed, edited then uploaded to the site. I’ve also got several weddings coming up in the next few months so it’s all stations go!”



“Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment then Rob! How did you end up being in the position you are today? Why a photographer and graphic designer?”


“Its an interesting question really Shane because I actually started off working in accounts. Id always had a love for photography and design so decided to re-train in that field. I left the accounting world behind and headed back to university to start a degree in Applied Digital Media. I got myself a job in a bar to supplement my income whilst completing the degree.


Once finished I set up Rob Thompson Photography which is my company and started doing freelance photography and design work. Whilst doing this I pretty quickly started working along side the It’s in your Jeans team helping them with their photography for their web site and the rest is as they say ‘history’!”



Tell us about It’s in your Jeans. What’s that all about?


“Well It’s in your Jeans is a clothing boutique specialising in premium heritage and contemporary brands. We have two boutique shops, a men’s and  women’s, in Scarborough and then a large online e-commerce site. I manage all the online imagery and product up-load for the company, as well as the general maintenance and upkeep of the web site.”



“How have you helped It’s in your Jeans online presence improve over the years?”


“Well, when I first started working for It’s in your Jeans they had a basic e-commerce site and were looking into upgrading to a new platform. Since then were now on the third upgrade and were really pleased with the new site.


Iv helped in all aspects of the site we have now really, from helping the design team create the layout to the upload of all the products we stock on there now.


In managing the site I’ve also helped in the blog and social networking side too creating articles and points of interest for our customers.”



“It all sounds great Rob and pretty hands on! You obviously enjoy the work at It’s in your Jeans but that’s not all you do is it? You also work for yourself doing freelance photography and design so can you tell us a little about that side to Rob Thompson Photography.”


“Yes of course. As you say managing the It’s in your Jeans site is only part of what I do. I also do freelance photography and graphic design. This includes everything from the basics like weddings and portraits to landscape commissions and events photography.


On the graphic design side I’ve worked along side several local businesses in helping them with what they need to start up, for example logo design through to web site design. I’ve also worked with individuals on everything from birthday invitations to large wall pieces and advertising campaigns.


That’s what I really like about working in design and photography, the variance of the jobs that come in always keep the job interesting.”



“Yes I agree Rob! Doing the things you do you must need some specialist equipment. What kind of kit and tools do you use then to go about your daily job.”


“Well the main pieces of essential kit I use are my cameras and my trusty MacBook Pro. I use a Nikon D40 for my web based work then a Nikon D300 with the D40 as backup for larger jobs such as weddings and commercial photo shoots. The D300 is my favorite but its size and quality isn’t necessary for on screen work so the D40 is a perfect substitute.


All the post shoot work is done on the Mac Pro using Photoshop to edit the photos. Any design work I do is done again on the Mac Pro using a variety or Adobe and Quark programs.


The other kit that I use a lot is my portable studio. This consists of a backdrop set up with a variety of flash and constant light units used for various types of studio shoots. I use this most days for the It’s in your Jeans work and for wedding studio shoots”



“ You’re obviously very busy at the moment with everything, what are your plans for the future?”


“Well my future plan is to keep going really. There’s always new skills and techniques to learn and more projects round the corner. I just want to continue to grow and develop as both a photographer and designer and see where life takes me really.


A main job that I’m on with at the moment is the design of my new website so hopefully in the next few weeks that will all be up and running which is very exciting.”



“Sounds great Rob! Ill be looking forward to seeing that once it’s all up and running. Right, I think we have taken enough of your time today so last question now. If you had a tip for a future designer or someone wanting to get into photography as a career what would it be?”


“I think the only tip I could give really is to go for it. As I said before a actually started off my career in accounting then decided to re-train in photography and design. It’s a competitive career to be in but if you put the time and effort in the rewards will be an ever-changing interesting environment to work in.”




Well its been a pleasure talking to you today Rob and I will finish by wishing you all the best for the future in whatever you do. Thank you for your time today.”


“No problem at all Shane, its been a pleasure.”

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