Lance Armstrong

October 11, 2012

Just read the Lance Armstrong report.

I’m not overly convinced he did it. It is all about relying on peoples statements who themselves have been convicted of taking performance drugs. These people were tested at the same time as Lance and he didn’t get caught but they did? Sounds a bit odd to me.


It states he was the “supplier” to his team? What so he was a drug dealer?


They have hounded him for over ten years and he has still never failed a drugs test. They still don’t have any physical evidence apart from some “emails” referring to “Motoman”. Ha! And a doctors report which sounds a load of rubbish.


It’s an incredibly well written report but It will take more than that to convince me my childhood hero cheated all those years.


“After reading all of the report i have included my strongest point to date in an ongoing argument on Facebook.”


“How is it pretty clear? No physical evidence at all. It certainly suggests he doped but if you are naive enough to only read one side of the story then so be it. 

This has been going on for around 12 years. It has been dragged through courts, meetings and tests and not once has Lance ever been found guilty or failed a drugs test. They have hounded him and when do you say enough is enough and just leave them to it. He has a wife, children and a charity that saves lives at home. I’m not surprised he can’t be bothered with this shit anymore. He must be knocking on 50 now. 

These kind of reports have come out before multiple times before and were quickly dismissed because they were harassing and bullying him and still finding nothing when he was actively winning everything. But now over ten years or whatever on with him defenceless and the press at their worst he is suddenly a serial drugs cheat again with no real evidence. It will be interesting to see what happens. There are loads of questions not answered from that report. Like how on earth you smuggle that much saline in. One tour he was tested over half the days! You’re talking kgs of the stuff! Over 10+ years! There are strict rules to adhere to and each team has a bin where they must dispose their waste. Did he put all his “blood transfusion” kits at the bottom so they couldn’t see them? One bloke in the report says he must be taking EPO because “Lance carrying around a thermos”. I mean what the hell? It’s laughable.

The biggest question of them all obviously is how the hell all these other people who testified against him tested positive and lance never did. Same team, same procedure etc. He’s been cycling twice as long as most of them. And won so much more. The most “advanced, sophisticated” drugs scandal. The bloke was training like 10 hours every day. After he finishing he must have changed into his suit and called himself James Bond. 

I wonder how much all these “doctors” and ex convicted “cyclists” got paid to appear in the report! 

I would be stupid to suggest he defiantly didn’t cheat but after following lance for years and reading almost all of the 200+ page report I think I would be stupid to suggest he defiantly did.”



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  1. shaneprendergast says:

    So today Lance has been stripped of his 7 titles. I just think it’s odd how there is still no evidence. It is also strange how the UCI have accepted the report apart from the fact that they received a 100k payment to ensure a failed drugs test “goes away”. It’s corrupt. No way he could have gone through those seven years and never have been caught whilst winning everything. I still don’t believe it.


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