WebKnit business cards

September 20, 2012

Today I received my new business cards for WebKnit. Having never designed or bought business cards before I was a little skeptical over how they would turn out.


I decided to go with a smaller purchase quantity (fifty), firstly to test the quality of the cards and secondly to make sure I was happy with how everything looked before purchasing a bulk lot.


I decided to go with Moo Luxe business cards. I have heard lots of good things about the Moo company and I like the way the present their business online.


After receiving and opening the package I was very impressed with the cards. They were carefully packaged in a lovely presentation case and the print quality was superb. The  “Mohawk Superfine paper” was great and the card was thicker than any other business cards I had handled.



I’m glad I placed a small order first as there are some tweaks I would like to make on the designs.  I am also considering getting the card embossed to enhance the appearance of it. Will update with the next batch of cards once they are ready.

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